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    Because oat flakes can be a little dull, if you eat it simply, Ansel recommends adding ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, sliced almonds, sliced pistachios, dried cherries or fresh berries. "Do not be afraid to eat savory by preparing oatmeal" risotto "by cooking in chicken and adding shallot and spinach whipped cream. If it sounds like a little too much work, Oatmeal nutritionyou're lucky: a slow oatmeal cooker is a perfectly legitimate option that does not require you to stand halfway through the stove. If you are too lazy, there is always the way of oats - it's like normal oatmeal, but cold. Is it possible to eat too much oatmeal? Just like the benefit of beta-glucan, eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner means that you will neglect other parts (surely wrong) of the food pyramid. According to Ansel, this can lead to "all sorts of nutrient deficiencies over time, not to mention diet boredom."

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    Up cho chủ thớt!!!

    Rảnh thì qua tường tớ bấm like ủng hộ nha bạn

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